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Streamline Crew Onboarding With These Simple Tips

Getting your crew onboarded asap is essential and your team doesn’t have time to waste. We get it. Here’s the good news: We’re here to help. With GreenSlate, any training the crew might need doesn’t fall on the payroll accountants and start work and...
20 December 2022

Production, Digital Solutions

Required NY Sexual Harassment Training Latest Updates

As a result of the #MeToo movement—which shone a particularly bright spotlight on the entertainment industry—both New York City and New York State enacted Sexual Harassment Prevention Legislation.
06 December 2022

News, Production, 2023 Updates

Required California Sexual Harassment Training Latest Updates

What type of training is required? Who is required to provide and complete the training? And what does this mean for your production?
06 December 2022

News, Production, 2023 Updates

Say goodbye to DocuSign. One app is all you need.

With GreenSlate, you can connect and automate how your production accounting team prepares, signs, and manages documents on any device.
25 October 2022

Production, Digital Solutions, Accounting

Custom Approval Flows: The Secret to Massive Time Savings

This week, guest blogger Pearl Fearon shares how customizing digital approval flows frees up major time…and brain space. Fully digital approval flows are exactly what production accountants need in 2022. But they frankly aren’t usable without...
27 September 2022

Expenses, Production, Digital Solutions, Accounting

It's All About the Data: Studios Are Demanding Better Finance Tools

The last 20 years haven't seen stellar technical progress for production finance. Productions and individual crew members have relied on familiar paper processes, often resisting a move to digital timecards, start work, and other production...
26 August 2022

Production, Digital Solutions

5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Film and TV Production Accountant

If there’s one person on a film or television production who gets a peek at pretty much everything that’s going on at all times, it’s the production accountant. Managing a TV or film budget from beginning to end, the production accountant works with...
26 October 2021


Here’s How We Can Help Your Production Produce Less CO2

With new COVID protocols on productions, eliminating waste has become more difficult. When you use GreenSlate’s digital solutions - start work, timecards, POs, direct deposit - you directly contribute to lowering carbon emissions, paper production...
29 April 2021

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Production Accountants Wanted

IN DEMAND Production Accountants are a uniquely skilled and vital freelance workforce. After a 25-year low in filming in 2020, productions are back at work and busier than ever. More projects are being greenlit and demand is coming from every...
20 April 2021

Production, Service

What Productions Should Know About NY Paid Sick and Family Leave

If your production or production company is operating in New York City or New York State, here’s what you should know for 2021. Update: In March 2021, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo signed a new law granting employees paid leave time to receive COVID-19...
08 January 2021

News, Production, Budgets, 2021 Updates