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‘The Three C’s’ Of Success For Managing Remote Production Accounting Teams

With the advancement of remote work, much has changed for production accounting teams. What hasn’t changed are the principles which made those cramped, and weirdly cozy, bullpens so productive.
30 May 2023

Thought Leadership

Production Accounting Veteran Brett Gantt Joins GreenSlate

Production payroll company GreenSlate continues to expand to meet the needs of production clients with the addition of Brett Gantt as Senior Vice President, Head of Accountant Relations. Gantt will serve as a resource and advisor to support client...
24 May 2023


Latest Film & TV Production Tax Credit Updates: New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, and Missouri

Looking for your next filming location? Tax credits and incentives can go a long way towards making the most of your production budget. Here’s the most significant announced state film & TV production tax credit updates for April - May, 2023. 
22 May 2023

Hollywood Satire 'The Other Two' Might Be 'The Funniest Show On TV'

Satire fans rejoice! Max released the first two episodes of season 3 of the Above Average produced The Other Two on May 4th, with episodes slated to release weekly through June 15th.
11 May 2023

Client Projects

Inc. Best Workplaces 2023: GreenSlate Earns Spot On Exclusive List

We here at GreenSlate are thrilled to be named on the Inc. Best Workplaces 2023 list. Being named among other top companies in the US measured on creating exceptional workplaces and company culture really does mean something.   
09 May 2023


5 Ways GreenSlate Makes Onboarding Productions Quick and Easy

Your shooting locations are confirmed and key actors hired. Now, you’ve got to get your project up and running quickly. The challenge? Moving at speed while ensuring you stay on schedule and pay your employees on time. We’re here to take some of...
01 May 2023

Digital Solutions

9 Sustainable Film Production Ideas for Your Next Project

Every single film production can be a sustainable film production. Sustainable practices are great for the planet, but you get the added bonus of them being great for your budget as well. Think about it.  For starters, production offices save money...
20 April 2023

Green Initiatives

A24’s Netflix Series 'Beef' Scores High Rank on 'Best New TV & Streaming Shows of 2023' List

The dark comedy road rage thriller Beef, starring Steven Yuen and Ali Wong colliding in a tense duel of back-and-forth escalatory revenge, has won over both critics and audiences alike.  Three weeks after premiering, Beef still sits at a 98%...
06 April 2023

Client Projects

Eight Ways GreenSlate Protects Your Payroll Data

It can be nearly impossible on film and TV sets to completely secure Personal Identifiable Information (PII) with paper start work and timecards.  Many productions rely on PAs, coordinators, and other non-finance production crew members whose roles...
29 March 2023

Digital Solutions

Female Film Producers: Past & Present

A Brief History of Female Film Producers Women have had a role in the business of production as long as movies have been made, but the prominence, available positions, and number of women in the field has varied wildly over the years.  Female film...
28 March 2023

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