Magic Comes Alive with The Magician’s Elephant Movie

“The Magician’s Elephant” movie arrives on Netflix March 17, 2023. Filled with magic, adventure, and determination, “The Magician’s Elephant” is an adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s book by the same name.

It is the story of an orphaned boy who is told by a fortune teller that an elephant will lead him to his sister. With absolute determination, Peter finds the elephant and accepts a king's challenge to perform three impossible tasks in exchange for that magical elephant — and the chance to chase his destiny.


Directed by:

Wendy Rogers

Writing Credits:

Kate DiCamillo

Martin Hynes

Produced by: 

Julia Pistor

Jennifer Teter


Noah Jupe

Mandy Patinkin

Brian Tyree Henry

Natasia Demetriou

Sian Clifford

Benedict Wong

Miranda Richardson

Kirby Howell-Baptiste

Aasif Mandvi

Pixie Davies

Dawn French


In the Media:

“In a world which seems constantly stripped of its magic through cynicism and fear, "The Magician’s Elephant" reminds that things are only impossible until they’re possible. Or, put another way, it prompts us to consider the power of two words: What if.” Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness


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17 March 2023

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