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Custom Approval Flows: The Secret to Massive Time Savings

Guest blogger Pearl Fearon shares how customizing digital approval flows frees up major time… and brain space. Fully digital approval flows are exactly what production accountants need. But they frankly aren’t usable without individual...
27 September 2022

Expenses, Production, Digital Solutions, Accounting

Employer of Record…should it be your entity, or your payroll provider's?

There’s a lot of talk in the production industry about how to find the best pricing model for your projects. The common options are either to have an Employer of Record (EOR) payroll service company, or choose to be the Employer of Record yourself...
28 August 2019

Finance, Expenses, Production, Budgets

Budgeting for a new shoot? Use these 10 tips to fight production inflation.

No matter what you are shooting today, film and TV production environments are more competitive than ever. Cost pressures are mounting, and producers need to look at every line item in their production for savings.
28 July 2017

Finance, Expenses, Production, budget

Feeling pain from production expense management issues? Prepaid cards step up the tech to simplify petty cash.

Petty cash is a necessity for managing a production, but also can be a nightmare with more problems than positive benefits.
21 July 2017

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