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Covid-19 Health and Safety Tools for Managing Productions

First,  we created a fully digital one app solution so you can ditch the paper and work remotely. Now, we’re taking it one step further. Meet GreenSlate's Covid-19 Production Toolkit. With our Covid-19 Safety Training and Health Check Modules, we’ve...
18 November 2020

Digital Solutions, COVID-19 Updates

Simplify Onboarding With Custom Forms

Have additional forms other than the I-9, W-4, start form, and state labor law form that your employees need to submit for onboarding such as deal memos or policy and procedure agreements?
10 November 2020

Digital Solutions

'We have the digital workflow down end to end.'

  Listen to the latest episode of The GreenSlate Podcast as we discuss all things Canadian production, filmmaking in the era of COVID-19, how productions can use Croogloo, Circus, and GreenSlate for  seamless, end to end digital workflows, and the...
27 October 2020

Production, Digital Solutions, The GreenSlate Podcast

Don’t Piece Together Software, Manage Your Production Office in One App

Remember 2005? Remember how you carried a flip phone AND pager AND iPod AND camera? And remember how you had to upload a picture to your computer before you could send it to someone? The funny thing is, we all thought that was pretty great at the...
28 September 2020

Digital Solutions

Animators Can Work Remotely. Now Their Accounting Staff Can Too.

Animators were amongst the first to switch to remote work once the pandemic hit. It makes sense. They can make all their production magic happen on the computer. 
23 September 2020

Digital Solutions

Ten Solutions for Taking Your Production Office Remote

As we all adjust to a new normal for productions, here are ten solutions for taking your production office remote with GreenSlate and avoiding unnecessary contact. 
11 June 2020

Digital Solutions, COVID-19 Updates

Going Digital: Four Tips for U.S. Crew Members

It hasn’t been easy, but productions have adapted quickly to Covid protocols and zones on set. Crew members are completing all their start work forms digitally, submitting timecards via their phones and even managing expenses. Shedding paper and...
09 June 2020

Digital Solutions, COVID-19 Updates

Earth Day 2020: Tech Makes It Easier for Productions to Do Their Part

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. What began as a grassroots movement in the 70s has become a global call to environmentalism. While Earth Day may look a little different this year than in years past, environmentally conscious...
22 April 2020

Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

Easily Approve Payments and Sign Checks Remotely with Bill Payments

Are you still running to the office to approve payments or sign checks? With GreenSlate bill payments, you don’t have to.
21 April 2020

Production, Digital Solutions, COVID-19 Updates

Remote and Digital Solutions for Production Offices are Here

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, more productions are working remotely, or limiting the number of people working in the same place. Now more than ever, production offices can benefit from being able to collaborate from different locations, without...
26 March 2020

Digital Solutions, Time-Saving Tips, COVID-19 Updates