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Create POs, Manage Vendors, Track Purchases, & Simplify Purchasing With One App

It’s time for a faster and easier approach to managing your purchasing workflow.
15 November 2022

Digital Solutions

Say goodbye to DocuSign. One app is all you need.

With GreenSlate, you can connect and automate how your production accounting team prepares, signs, and manages documents on any device.
25 October 2022

Production, Digital Solutions, Accounting

Custom Approval Flows: The Secret to Massive Time Savings

This week, guest blogger Pearl Fearon shares how customizing digital approval flows frees up major time…and brain space. Fully digital approval flows are exactly what production accountants need in 2022. But they frankly aren’t usable without...
27 September 2022

Expenses, Production, Digital Solutions, Accounting

It's All About the Data: Studios Are Demanding Better Finance Tools

The last 20 years haven't seen stellar technical progress for production finance. Productions and individual crew members have relied on familiar paper processes, often resisting a move to digital timecards, start work, and other production...
26 August 2022

Production, Digital Solutions

Are You Ready for an All-In-One Production Payroll App? Ask Yourself these 8 Questions.

25 August 2022

Digital Solutions, Going Digital 101, Accounting

The New Standard for Production Accounting: Rethink Everything

The TV & film industry is a leading force in pop culture, but until 2020 we were still doing something that many would consider outdated.
07 June 2022

Digital Solutions, Going Digital 101, Accounting

Calm in the Storm: When Production Shuts Down, GreenSlate Provides Continuity

A massive hurricane shut down production. Everyone evacuated. But business never stopped. Payments were the one thing they didn’t have to worry about.
06 May 2022

Digital Solutions

Employee Start Work: GreenSlate Features vs. Competitors

GreenSlate is the industry's only all-in-one app for production payroll and accounting. Start work is built into the platform and designed to get your production team onboarded easily and securely. 
05 May 2022

Digital Solutions

20 Reasons Why One App Is Better for Production Payroll and Accounting

The pandemic brought an increased focus to remote capabilities and digital solutions, and the demand for these solutions is not slowing down.
05 May 2022

Digital Solutions

Earth Day 2022: Green Practices in the Film and TV Industry

For 53 years, Earth Day has been celebrated by billions of people around the globe every April 22 to promote awareness about the health of our environment. 
22 April 2022

Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions