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Tips for Accounting Success: Working With Your Production Accountant

If there’s one person on a film or television production who gets a peek at pretty much everything that’s going on at all times, it’s the production accountant. 
18 November 2021

Digital Solutions, Accounting

All-in-one production accounting and entertainment payroll web app now available from GreenSlate.

Learn how television and film production offices will benefit from GreenSlate’s new all-in-one application.
25 May 2021

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Goodbye paper-filled desk. Hello digital approvals from anywhere.

No desk? No problem! Gone are the days of waiting around for a PA or clerk to bring checks for signatures, losing important documents as they are transported to and from set, and storing boxes on boxes of paperwork.
12 May 2021

Digital Solutions

Here’s How We Can Help Your Production Produce Less CO2

With new COVID protocols on productions, eliminating waste has become more difficult. When you use GreenSlate’s digital solutions - start work, timecards, POs, direct deposit - you directly contribute to lowering carbon emissions, paper production...
29 April 2021

Client Projects, Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

Studios Demand Better Finance Tools and Access to Data

In the last 20 years, there hasn’t been much technical progress for production finance. Productions and individual crew members' reliance on paper processes and sometimes outright rejection of digital timecards, start work, and other production...
28 April 2021

Production, Digital Solutions

The #1 Software for Unscripted Production Finance

Even with the big streamers greenlighting more unscripted shows, unscripted is tough business. Budgets are tight and many companies need to produce 8+ series just to stay in business. This can be a challenge, especially for the finance teams who...
25 November 2020

Production, Digital Solutions

COVID-19 Health and Safety Tools for Managing Productions

You are getting back to work. There are a million moving parts. And it is your job to keep everyone safe and healthy and keep the work going.
18 November 2020

Digital Solutions, COVID-19 Updates

Simplify Onboarding With Custom Forms

Have additional forms other than the I-9, W-4, start form, and state labor law form that your employees need to submit for onboarding such as deal memos or policy and procedure agreements?
10 November 2020

Digital Solutions

'We have the digital workflow down end to end.'

  Listen to the latest episode of The GreenSlate Podcast as we discuss all things Canadian production, filmmaking in the era of COVID-19, how productions can use Croogloo, Circus, and GreenSlate for  seamless, end to end digital workflows, and the...
27 October 2020

Production, Digital Solutions, The GreenSlate Podcast

Don’t Piece Together Software, Manage Your Production Office in One App

Remember 2005? Remember how you carried a flip phone AND pager AND iPod AND camera? And remember how you had to upload a picture to your computer before you could send it to someone? The funny thing is, we all thought that was pretty great at the...
28 September 2020

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