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The New Standard for Production Accounting: Rethink Everything

The TV & film industry is a leading force in pop culture, but until 2020 we were still doing something that many would consider outdated.
07 June 2022

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Calm in the Storm: When Production Shuts Down, GreenSlate Provides Continuity

A massive hurricane shut down production. Everyone evacuated. But business never stopped. Payments were the one thing they didn’t have to worry about.
06 May 2022

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Employee Start Work: GreenSlate Features vs. Competitors

GreenSlate is the industry's only all-in-one app for production payroll and accounting. Start work is built into the platform and designed to get your production team onboarded easily and securely. 
05 May 2022

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20 Reasons Why One App Is Better for Production Payroll and Accounting

The pandemic brought an increased focus to remote capabilities and digital solutions, and the demand for these solutions is not slowing down.
05 May 2022

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Earth Day 2022: Green Practices in the Film and TV Industry

For 53 years, Earth Day has been celebrated by billions of people around the globe every April 22 to promote awareness about the health of our environment. 
22 April 2022

Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

GreenSlate Launches “One App” Production Payroll Campaign

GreenSlate has launched a new multi-channel campaign to promote digital efficiencies and greener practices for media production. The campaign kicked off March 19th at the PGA Awards Nominees Breakfast event and was highly visible throughout the...
25 March 2022

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How to Choose the Best Production Accounting Software

Tech innovations are rapidly changing the entertainment industry. Streaming services are dominating content generation and people are filming features on their iPhones. So why are production finance teams still running around trying to get ink...
25 January 2022

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Tips for Accounting Success: Working With Your Production Accountant

If there’s one person on a film or television production who gets a peek at pretty much everything that’s going on at all times, it’s the production accountant. 
18 November 2021

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All-in-one production accounting and entertainment payroll web app now available from GreenSlate.

Learn how television and film production offices will benefit from GreenSlate’s new all-in-one application.
25 May 2021

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Goodbye paper-filled desk. Hello digital approvals from anywhere.

No desk? No problem! Gone are the days of waiting around for a PA or clerk to bring checks for signatures, losing important documents as they are transported to and from set, and storing boxes on boxes of paperwork.
12 May 2021

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