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Cash Management Check-in: Are Your Controls in Place?

Daily financial transactions can take up a lot of your time, especially if you’re in production, managing more than one show, or your department is understaffed, but it is critical to ensure accuracy and internal controls on cash handling and...
27 January 2023

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Say goodbye to DocuSign. One app is all you need.

With GreenSlate, you can connect and automate how your production accounting team prepares, signs, and manages documents on any device.
25 October 2022

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Custom Approval Flows: The Secret to Massive Time Savings

This week, guest blogger Pearl Fearon shares how customizing digital approval flows frees up major time…and brain space. Fully digital approval flows are exactly what production accountants need in 2022. But they frankly aren’t usable without...
27 September 2022

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Are You Ready for an All-In-One Production Payroll App? Ask Yourself these 8 Questions.

25 August 2022

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Additional Incentives Now Available for Indiana Film and Media Productions

Indiana is offering a new tax Incentive for film, TV, documentaries, music and digital media productions. The Film and Media tax incentive, established in the 2022 legislative session with Senate Enrolled Act 361, offers an income tax credit of up...
16 August 2022

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Arizona Adds New Film and TV Production Program

Lawmakers in Arizona have enacted the Arizona Motion Picture Production Program, offering qualified productions up to $75 million a year in 2023, $100 million in 2024, and $125 million in 2025 and thereafter in film and TV incentives. The program is...
28 July 2022

News, Tax, Finance, Budgets, Incentives, 2022 Updates, Accounting

GreenSlate Adds Top Talent to Accounting and Labor Relations Teams

Lisa Behlendorf joins the company as Accounting Services Director, Emily Gosnell as Hours to Gross Manager, and Jennifer Madar as Labor Relations Manager.
13 July 2022

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The New Standard for Production Accounting: Rethink Everything

The TV & film industry is a leading force in pop culture, but until 2020 we were still doing something that many would consider outdated.
07 June 2022

Digital Solutions, Going Digital 101, Accounting

Tips for Accounting Success: Working With Your Production Accountant

If there’s one person on a film or television production who gets a peek at pretty much everything that’s going on at all times, it’s the production accountant. 
18 November 2021

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