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Ten Solutions for Taking Your Production Office Remote

As we all adjust to a new normal for productions, here are ten solutions for taking your production office remote with GreenSlate and avoiding unnecessary contact. 


1. Onboard your crew before they even arrive on set and set up custom forms to capture all the information you need, all in one place. With digital start work, once you have employee email addresses, you can invite employees, which allows them to get set up early and for questions to be addressed ahead of time, without any paper documents. Have additional forms other than the I-9, W-4 and start form that your employees need to submit? Send them our way and we can set them up to be completed digitally.

2. Opt out of printing blank pay stubs for your crew during onboarding and encourage your crew to also opt out of paper.
Crew members can set up direct deposit immediately at the time of hiring for a production, without stepping foot on set, and access all their pay stubs and tax documents through the GreenSlate app. Learn more in our “Four Ways Crew Can Access Payroll and Production Information Remotely”

3. Get rid of petty cash with prepaid cards.
With GreenSlate Prepaid Visa® cards, your team no longer needs to physically pick up cash. They can make online purchases, schedule deliveries, and manage expenses from anywhere.

4. Customize your approval flows for your production’s specific needs.
Set rules for approvers, by person or by role, and indicate the order of approvers, whether an approver can be skipped, and who needs to sign.

5. Collect all signatures digitally.
Digital approvals with history tracking allow you to add notes and stay in the loop with notifications throughout the production process when items need your approval.

6. Use digital PO’s to eliminate trips to the office to submit forms or to photocopy documents for each folder.
All files are accessible through the cloud.

7. Approve payments and sign checks remotely with AP check runs.
Our AP check runs are completely remote - approve payments, print checks with digital signatures, and access check copies and transaction documents directly through the app, without a trip to the office.

8. Use digital timecards so your crew can fill out timecards anywhere, any time.
Plus, you’ll eliminate incomplete submissions, readability issues, and the possibility of lost notes and paperwork.

9. Add notes, last minute updates, or schedule changes directly to the project dashboard. Upon logging in to the GreenSlate app, crew members can find pertinent information that production needs to share directly on the project dashboard.

10. Access your production accounting records with the document manager. You can access your production files attached to each transaction directly within our app. 


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11 June 2020

Digital Solutions
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