Seamlessly Map Data from One Chart of Accounts to Another

The GreenSlate Chart of Accounts Mapper makes it easier than ever.

Chart of Accounts Mapper

It’s common for production companies to be asked to work in their co-production company’s chart of accounts (COA). Netflix prefers it, and Discovery mandates that their production partners work in their own chart of accounts. In addition, many states, such as New York, require productions to use their designated chart of accounts for tax incentive applications. 

This can be a little easier to manage for independents than it is for companies that have their coding set to manage their entire slate, but many production accountants want to handle their coding the way that suits them best and managing tasks like merging a project's financial ledger into required state financial forms can be time-consuming.

There's good news though! If you are working with GreenSlate, you can code your COA any way you like and easily map the account ledger data to any other company’s or state's COA to generate Cost Reports, Trial Balance, and Bible reports. 

The advantages of the Chart of Accounts Mapper are clear:

  • Flexible mapping options: Map over the accounts individually or complete several at a time.

  • Auto mapping: Seamlessly map your project’s chart of accounts to a new (destination) chart of accounts. You can select to do the mapping by account number or account description. The tool then compares all the data from your COA against your chosen destination COA. Where the data matches, it automatically applies the data to the destination COA, saving you a ton of time. The resulting number of accounts mapped is displayed in the mapped accounts column.

  • Locking your mapping: Easily keep your chart of accounts mapping consistent—once a mapping is locked, only people with proper permissions can unlock it to make changes.

Want to learn more about the Chart of Accounts Mapper? Watch a demo of how our mapper works

23 August 2019

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