2020 IATSE Low Budget Theatrical Agreement Changes

Every three years, the IATSE and AMPTP ratify the IATSE Low Budget Theatrical Agreement. To help you prepare for budgeting, hiring crew, and discussing benefits for your future productions, we've outlined the most recent primary tier, wage, fringe rate, and position changes.

Low Budget Theatrical Budget Pay Rate Changes

  • Pay rates for all National Low Budget (NLB) positions increased by 3%.

Daily Non-MPIPHP Rate Changes

  • The daily non-MPIPHP rates increased by $4.00 for union locals with daily benefit rates.

New Positions Added

  • On-set Dresser - 2nd rate
  • Custom Made Costumer - 2nd rate
  • Production Designer - STN
  • Lighting Designer - STN

Rule Modifications

  • The work week for weekly employees may be prorated for their first week and their last week (including Local 700 employees).
  • All prep and wrap days must now be a minimum of 8 hours.
  • There will be a 32 hour rest period preceding the 6th work day when occurring on the 7th day of the work week.
  • A rest period after the 7th workday in a work week must be 12 hours.

Tier Changes




Ultra Low Budget
(aka Tier 0)
Below $2,035,000.00 Below $2,750,000.00
Low Budget - Tier 1 $2,035,0001.00 - $6,000,000.00 $2,750,001.00 - $7,500,000.00
Low Budget - Tier 2 $6,000,001.00 - $10,000,000.00 $7,500,001.00 - $11,000,000.00
Low Budget - Tier 3 $10,000,001.00 - $14,200,000.00 $11,000,001.00 - $15,000,000.00


Positional Rate Changes

2019 2020
POC - 2nd rate POC - Key rate
APOC - 3rd rate APOC - 2nd rate
Leadperson - 2nd rate Leadperson - Key rate
Film Loader rates and Digital Utility rates differed. Film Loader rates are now equal to Digital Utility rates.
Sound Mixer rates increased annually. Sound Mixer rates will only increase in the first contract year.
No minimum rate was stipulated for "All Others." The "All Others" rate subject to negotiation (STN) must be greater than or equal to the 3rd rate.


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28 April 2020


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