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It’s a Good Time to be a Production Accountant

IN DEMAND Production Accountants are a uniquely skilled and vital freelance workforce. More projects are being greenlit than ever before, demand is coming from every direction, and the increasing number of media platforms and changes to television...
01 July 2019

Production, Service

Five Ways GreenSlate Makes Production Onboarding Quick and Easy

Producers and accountants are often surprised by how quickly and easily GreenSlate can set up payroll.
12 November 2018


What should production teams expect in terms of payroll service and support? More than you think.

Production can be unpredictable... … and things don’t always happen on a strict schedule. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your payroll is going to happen on time, and accurately. Yet, all too often, the shortcomings of your payroll...
24 August 2017

Production, budget, Service, Support