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Chart of Accounts Mapping Explained

Easily map accounts from one system's chart of accounts to another.
23 August 2019

Digital Solutions

5 Ways GreenSlate Can Help You Spend Less Time in the Office

With GreenSlate’s paperless workflow and remote capabilities, even if your team is in different locations, they can collaborate on the fly. Just think of the trips to the production office you won’t need to take.  
22 April 2019

Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

How Do Digital Solutions Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

Did you know… Producing one sheet of paper takes 3 gallons of water? Making 88 sheets of paper releases 1 pound of CO2?  It takes an entire tree to create 16.67 reams of paper? 
18 April 2019

Client Projects, Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

Carbon-Neutral '24 Hours of Reality' Backed by GreenSlate

24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves, broadcasted in over 750 million homes from stages around the world, live in every time zone around the clock for 24 hours, explores how fossil fuels and climate change are creating unique...
15 April 2019

Client Projects, Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

Create Reports on the Fly with Custom Views

Need a crew list with email addresses? Or maybe you just need to see a timecard report for your entire project? GreenSlate offers intuitive built-in system views, but why stop there? Custom views allow you to organize data the way you want, then...
27 March 2019

Digital Solutions, Time-Saving Tips

GreenSlate Partners with StudioBinder to Simplify Production Management for Clients

Bringing your next project to life has just gotten a lot easier, thanks to GreenSlate’s new partnership with StudioBinder, a leading cloud-based production management software solution.
13 September 2018

Digital Solutions

The Shift Toward Paperless Payroll

Many producers are realizing that a paperless payroll software system can have a significant positive impact across an entire production—and the industry is steadily moving in a paperless direction.
28 August 2018

Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

GreenSlate Unveils New Tax Credit Management Tools

Search, compare, and calculate production incentives on any device.
17 July 2018

News, Tax, Digital Solutions, Budgets, Incentives

What Does the Future of the Production Office Look Like?

Our partners at The National Association of Production Accountants (NAPA) recently launched a survey to assess the current state of the entertainment industry and gauge its readiness for digital transformation.
11 July 2018

News, Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions

A Producer Explains the Benefits of GreenSlate's Paperless Payroll

Does GreenSlate’s paperless payroll system have a positive, measurable impact across an entire production? Definitely, writes producer Claudine Marrotte in her first-person account in a recent issue of Produced By.
21 June 2018

Production, Green Initiatives, Digital Solutions